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No.1 8 Small holiday homes are waiting for you
Persons: 5 Distance from the Beach: 300m
Size: 55m² Week Price from: 483€
Pool: Yes  
Price from: €69/dayPARALIO-ASTROS,Peloponnes


No.2 5 Holyday Houses
Persons: 6 Distance from the Beach: 250m
Size: 80m² Week Price from: 483€
Pool: Yes  
Price from: €69/dayPARALIO-ASTROS,Peloponnes


No.4 13 modern apartment with optional breakfast or Half Board
Persons: 4 Distance from the Beach: 50m
Size: 45m² Week Price from: 434€
Pool: No  
Price from: €62/dayPARALIO-ASTROS,Peloponnes
Persons: 12 Distance from the Beach: 120m
Size: 180m² Week Price from: 455€
Pool: No  
Price from: €65/dayAg.Andreas,Peloponnes

Manis Villa

No.18 Luxus Apartments and a Villa
Persons: 6 Distance from the Beach: 200m
Size: 130m² Week Price from: 1463€
Pool: No  
Price from: €209/dayKARDAMILI,Peloponnes

Duka Houses

No.29 6 Holiday homes in maisonette style
Persons: 6 Distance from the Beach: 600m
Size: 60m² Week Price from: 644€
Pool: Yes  
Price from: €92/dayPARALIO-ASTROS,Peloponnes

Panorama Houses

No.32 Holiday houses in Koroni
Persons: 5 Distance from the Beach: 150m
Size: 60m² Week Price from: 406€
Pool: No  
Price from: €58/dayKompi,Peloponnes


No.34 Holiday House by the Beach
Persons: 5 Distance from the Beach: 600m
Size: 52m² Week Price from: 315€
Pool: No  
Price from: €45/dayAGIOS-ANDREAS,Peloponnes

Orange Tree Garden - Studio

No.36 Vacation in an orange plantation
Persons: 4 Distance from the Beach: 50m
Size: 45m² Week Price from: 490€
Pool: No  
Price from: €70/dayNea Epidavros,Peloponnes

House Kossivas

No.40 House with fantastic View
Persons: 4 Distance from the Beach: 2000m
Size: 30m² Week Price from: 280€
Pool: No  
Price from: €40/dayXIROPIGADO,Peloponnes

Ingrids Ferienhäuser

No.41 Ingrid makes happy!
Persons: 4 Distance from the Beach: 400m
Size: 30m² Week Price from: 483€
Pool: No  
Price from: €69/dayDREPANO,Peloponnes

Maronic Bungalows

No.43 Vacation like in the South Seas
Persons: 4 Distance from the Beach: 100m
Size: 50m² Week Price from: 434€
Pool: Yes  
Price from: €62/dayDREPANO-ASINI,Peloponnes
Persons: 6 Distance from the Beach: 1500m
Size: 135m² Week Price from: 2093€
Pool: No  
Price from: €299/dayPalia Epidavros,Peloponnes

Koroni Houses

No.49 4 new Houses near Koroni
Persons: 4 Distance from the Beach: 500m
Size: 40m² Week Price from: 861€
Pool: Yes  
Price from: €123/dayKoroni,Peloponnes


No.55 Holiday house + guest house with swimming pool
Persons: 6 Distance from the Beach: 2000m
Size: 100m² Week Price from: 567€
Pool: No  
Price from: €81/dayXiropigado,Peloponnes

Mavrovouni Strand Bungalows

No.59 Km long dream beach
Persons: 6 Distance from the Beach: 20m
Size: 65m² Week Price from: 525€
Pool: No  
Price from: €75/dayMAVROVOUNI,Peloponnes


No.60 Appartment with one Bedroom
Persons: 7 Distance from the Beach: 100m
Size: 70m² Week Price from: 280€
Pool: No  
Price from: €40/dayPARALIO-ASTROS,Peloponnes


No.61 House with Pool seach Renter
Persons: 5 Distance from the Beach: 500m
Size: 60m² Week Price from: 917€
Pool: Yes  
Price from: €131/dayKARDAMILI,Peloponnes

Hause Michalis - Souterrain Appartment

No.62 Appartments by the sea
Persons: 6 Distance from the Beach: 50m
Size: 30m² Week Price from: 343€
Pool: No  
Price from: €49/dayLileiika,Peloponnes


No.63 Exclusive Apartments in two villas on the beach with Pool
Persons: 7 Distance from the Beach: 100m
Size: 110m² Week Price from: 805€
Pool: Yes  
Price from: €115/dayAGIOS-ANDREAS,Peloponnes
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