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Drapania Beach Appartments

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Apartements - near Balos, Fassarna, Elafonisi

AKTI Drapania is a complex of apartments overlooking the sea. Built of traditional architecture in localer using nature ller materials with a lot of decoration. Lots of wood and stones of Gramvousa. We have a common room for breakfast or something to sit on. In Aussbereich a barbecue and a pool with Wirlpooleinrichtung. "Jacuzzi". There are plenty of beach chairs umbrellas, chairs all at no extra cost. We also have a small. Reception. We live in a house even in the plant, so that night arrivals are not a problem. Breakfast can be ordered from us. Come to us, let us pamper you ...


 Our apartments are near Kissamos, from there you can start excursions. To next tavern is 300m. Tip: From late April to late October sting four safe, luxurious and fast excursion boats "GRAMVOUSA", "GRAMVOUSA EXPRESS", "BALOS EXPRESS" and "PORTO GRAMVOUSA" with a total capacity of 2450 passengers on the routes Kissamos-Gramvoussa-Balos and Kissamos Balos-Gramvousa every morning at 10.15 and at 10.30 clock from the port Kovonisiou in Kissamos Kasteli in Chania in the lake, and then on early evening at 18.00 clock to return. From late June to early September driving our ship "BALOS EXPRESS" every day at 12.30 clock to Gramvousa and Balos and returns at 19.30 clock. Another ship for additional trips will be used if necessary, at 10.00 clock in the morning. During the one-hour duration, you can enjoy the beauty of nature, the travel information listen or listen to beautiful music on board. Our boats are equipped with an air conditioned lounge area, open decks, self-service restaurants, bars, televisions, video, etc. waterslide. If you are lucky, you will even see dolphins swimming behind the boat or catch a glimpse of a sea turtle Caretta caretta or a monk seal. The excursions are a unique experience for your holiday and are certainly the most beautiful boat trips that you can do around Crete, since you and here with a dreamlike landscape leisure activity, visiting archaeological sites, swimming and fishing, diving can enjoy photography and the adventure and hiking. The region has been visited by numerous celebrities. This included not least Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their honeymoon, who bathed in the crystal clear waters of Balos. A beautiful day, helping to make a trip, you want to repeat with certainty. Select one of the following options: Day trip Kissamos-Gramvoussa-Balos (late April to late October, departure at 10.15 clock and return at 18.00 clock) daytrip Kissamos Balos-Gramvousa (mid-June to mid-September, departure at 10:30 clock and return at 18.00 clock) daytrip Kissamos-Gramvoussa-Balos (late June to early September, departure at 12.30 clock and return at 19.30 clock) daytrip Kissamos Balos (mid-June to mid-September, departure at 10:30 clock and return at 18.00 or 19.30 clock) daytrip Kissamos-Gramvousa (late June to early September, departure at 10.15 clock and return at 19.00 clock) 1 DAY TRIP FROM THE PORT IN KISSAMOS the legendary pirate island of Gramvousa and the lagoon of Balos. (Departure at 10.15 clock, stay in Gramvousa: 2 hours, in Balos: 3 hours, arriving at the port of Kissamos: 18.00 clock). A. The bay of Kissamos Having leaked with our ship at 10.15 clock from the port of Kissamos and 45 minutes drove to the bay, you can - to admire a large cave, which in ancient times may as shipyard - among others served and near the Roman city Agneion and the Temple of Apollo (today Ag. Sostis) was. During the trip through the bay, you can often also encounter sea turtles (Caretta caretta), monk seals or dolphins. At the end of the bay, you can witness an impressive geological phenomenon. Over time it happened that Crete rises at this point on the western side and sinks on the eastern side. The phenomenon is due to the destructive earthquake of 66 AD. and 365 AD. due. The earthquake caused by movements of the African plate, which meant that the western part of Crete rises by about 6 to 9 meters above sea level. The old shoreline can be seen still weak on the rocky shores. Scientific assessments According to the geological phenomenon of the survey is still continuing in slow steps. At the end of the bay you can see the island of Antikythera in good visibility. The ship sails between islands Agria Gramvousa and cape Vouxa or Trypiti through. Here you can enjoy a beautiful landscape with islands and Pontikonisi Valenti, the lagoon of Balos and the island of Gramvousa with its fortress, where the ship will dock in about 15 minutes. The closer we get B. Visit the pirate island of Gramvousa to Gramvousa, you have the opportunity to make beautiful pictures of the fortress. On entering the small harbor you can see a small cargo ship that was sunk about 40 years ago due to difficult weather conditions in the sea half. After creating the ship in port, it is two hours to the beach de Island. The ship is waiting for you now. The famous fortress was built in 1579 on the highest point of the island on top of a steep cliff with a height of 137 m and is surrounded by a 272 m long wall up to the point at which the fort is protected by the rocks. The fortress has the shape of a triangle and attaches on each side of a length of 1km. In the history of the surrounding area while she was given a very special role. The view, the powerful conditioning and the legend of a hidden pirate treasure should definitely make a visit worth (about 20 minutes). Apart from a visit to the fortress, you can of course near the chapel Ag. Apostolon a dip or remain on board in order to recover or to swim around the ship and have fun, for example with the waterslide on board. Listen to the music and enjoy from 12.00 clock your meal in the self-service restaurant or a drink at the bar of the ship, which is open throughout the day. Among the dishes offered on board include souvlaki skewers, chicken with potatoes, stuffed vegetables with rice, Greek salad, pizza, sandwich etc .. There is also a wide selection of soft drinks, beer, coffee, sweet treats, ice creams, drinks etc .. to 13.15 clock, you must be then come back on board, so that the ship can pass at 13.30 clock. The next goal is the lagoon of Balos. The ride takes about 15 minutes. In July and August you will have the opportunity to stay even further 1.5 hours in Gramvousa, because you can take the ship "BALOS EXPRESS" with the same ticket that leaves Gramvousa Balos direction at 15.15 clock. In this case, you can stay for about an hour in Balos and then at 16.45 clock take the same ship with which you went to Gramvousa morning. Should you opt for a three-hour stay at Balos, then you can also take the ship "BALOS EXPRESS" at 18.30 clock with the same ticket. Since the above-mentioned options, however, on various factors such as depend on the weather conditions, the number of passengers on board, etc., you must agree in any case before the ship's departure in this regard with the competent employees of our offices in the port of Kissamos, so that it can be noted on the ticket that the return trip on the same day by boat "BALOS EXPRESS" takes place. C. Visit to the lagoon of Balos, since there is no port in the lagoon, runs the ship, depending on the prevailing weather conditions, to a place on the beach approach or it is in the Bay of Gramvousa (Tigani) at a distance of 200 meters from the beach at anchor. The sea depth is there then usually 4 meters and the transport of passengers ashore via large boats. With its unique sandy beach and its many mussels lagoon is certainly one of the most beautiful parts of Greece. Your stay at the lagoon where you can enjoy a wonderful bathing experience, takes three hours. The ship is waiting for you in the meantime. If you want, you can also stay on board and around swimming around the ship and have fun with our water slide. Enjoy music on your food or your drink in the self-service restaurant or at the bar of the ship. The ship remains to 16.30 clock in the lagoon of Balos and comes after about an hour at the port of Kissamos.

We offer 7x Two-room apartments fully furnished with a kitchen, air conditioning, TV, coffee maker, hair dryer, each with a balcony overlooking the sea. The compartments are separated from each other. There is one bedroom with a double bed or 2 single beds and a fold out Schlafcoutch in the living-kitchen. WIRELESS INTERNET near the reception desk, which is located in the middle of the building 100% tens. (There is the router).

Hotel Overview:

Rental Time: May-October
  • Pool
  • Internet,WLAN
  • Air Condition
  • Lyings for the Pool
  • Insect protection available

More details:

  • The Beach is Sand
  • The next City is in 5000m
  • The next shop is in 500m
  • The next Airportis in 42Km
  • Cleaning  2x pro Woche
  • Distance from Beach: 50m
  • Sport: 
  • The Facility has  Barbecue, Room for all(Breakfast), Garten,
  • All Facilities have a Bath with Shower, WC ,sink.
  • Towel change:2x pro Woche

  • Period Price per Day Min Stay
    01/07/2019 - 31/07/201995 EUR4 Nights
    01/08/2019 - 31/08/201996 EUR4 Nights
    01/09/2019 - 30/09/201996 EUR4 Nights
    01/10/2019 - 31/10/201968 EUR4 Nights
    01/11/2019 - 30/06/202068 EUR4 Nights
    01/07/2020 - 31/07/202095 EUR4 Nights
    01/08/2020 - 31/08/202096 EUR4 Nights
    01/09/2020 - 30/09/202096 EUR4 Nights
    Arrival day(s): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,